How to Edit California Drivers License Template in Photoshop [PC Mac Mobile]

Getting California drivers license template is an easy task but editing that template is not easy for everyone. If someone don’t have enough skills of IT and adobe photoshop software, that particular individual need to hire an expert or graphic designer to generate California DL with their information on it. So, we got the solution of your problem. Here is the complete tutorial about how to Edit California Drivers License Template PSD in your Computer at home. You can watch and follow this tutorial using PC, Mac, Mobile or iPad.

Edit California Drivers License Template

First you need to download high resolution California Drivers License Editable Template from here.

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Now, after downloading this editable PSD file, open your pre-installed adobe photoshop software and edit this template both front and back sides. Don’t forget to install the custom fonts included in the download folder.

Edit information available on the template and save your file in JPG format.

In compliance with the AB60 law, undocumented immigrants who have their habitual residence in California can obtain a driver’s license. This law has been a great success. It began to apply on January 2, 2015 and, in its first year, 830,000 undocumented migrants obtained their license. In other words, half of the total number of drivers who obtained their document were undocumented.

This article explains in 7 points what should be taken into account and that makes it easier to understand all the steps in the license processing, particularly what documentation can be presented to prove identity and residence.

California Driver License Template PSD Photoshop Editable Front Back Sides Real CA ID New Hologram DMV Micro UV Layers Front Side

How to Make an Appointment for Licensing Exams

Dial to the official California DMV website (in Spanish). And thus close the appointment.

Before taking steps to obtain the license, bear in mind that if a license has been used under a false name, this is the crime of fraud and could cause problems. In these cases, consult a lawyer or an immigrant support organization to study the case.

What to do BEFORE closing the appointment for the exams

If at the time of requesting the driver’s license there are unpaid tickets (fines), it will not be possible to obtain it. You have to pay the full amount owed or, if it is a lot, close an agreement to pay in installments.

Remember that IUD convictions (driving while intoxicated by alcohol and drugs) is a serious offense, it is included among the causes that make an immigrant a priority for deportation. Also check How to Make Fake California ID Online Free.

What exams must be taken to obtain the license

Two tests are necessary: ​​one for driving and another for knowledge of traffic laws, signs, etc.

This knowledge test can be taken in English and also in other languages, such as Spanish or Mixtec, Trique and other indigenous languages. There are sample driving tests on the DMV website that you can use for practice. You can also go to non-profit organizations that provide services to prepare the test.

What documentation is needed for the undocumented to obtain a driver’s license in California

Among the documents that are needed to obtain a driver’s license, those that prove the identity of the immigrant and also those that prove that they actually reside in the state of California must be shown:

To identify yourself:

Sufficient ONE (1) document : valid Federal Electoral Card of Mexico. If you don’t have it, look at the following options.

Or show two (2) documents from among the following : valid Guatemala identification card, valid Peru identification card, valid foreign passport from any country, federally issued photo ID card, consular card from Mexico, Ecuador or Guatemala. In these cases, the DMV will verify with the government that issued the document that it is true. For example, you will check with consulates about consular cards and with foreign governments about passports. If it is not possible to obtain two of those documents, then:

Or show two (2) documents from the following : A foreign passport that has expired, but has an issue date of 2005 or later, or a birth certificate that has been issued within the last six months from the license application date by the authority of the country in which you were born and that also has a photo of the applicant and that is also translated into English by the consulate and contains a certificate with an Apostille. Or a federally issued ID card with a current photo. If it is not possible to obtain these documents either:

Or request an interview with a DMV investigator who can take into account various documents such as school transcripts with the applicant’s date of birth, asylum application, form I-20 for international students, form DS-2019 for those who have had a visa J-1, marriage and / or divorce licenses, driver’s licenses from other countries, tax forms, etc. Before presenting these papers, verify the characteristics they must have in terms of language, translation, dates, photos, authority that issues them, etc.


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